Breathtaking light painting on the façade of the Basilica

On the first Sunday of Advent (30 November) the lights are going to be lit in front of the Basilica, where every night from the opening ceremony to New Year our visitors can enjoy the most spectacular visual experience in Budapest. In addition to the Christmas motives animated on the facade of the Basilica, the Advent Feast at the Basilica series of events will contribute to the Christmas preparation with a joyful fair ambience, ice rink, various programs and charity actions.

Bazilika Adventi Vasar 11

The biggest monument wrapped in colorful lights
The Saint Stephan Basilica itself is one of the most splendid sight of Budapest, but during the Advent period from 30 November it will offer the largest and the most spectacular visual experience to the visitors of the square. After the opening ceremony on the first Sunday of Advent every day after nightfall the colorful Christmas-inspired themes and motives will come into life on the monumental facade (37×28 m) every 30 minutes, telling stories about the festive traditions and values. The short story topics include the most important religious symbols, but they also show Christmas from a child’s point of view, or how the other countries celebrate Christmas and what is this holiday really teaching us.
Click here to see the light painting:

Values behind the scenes
At the Basilica we can find values behind every element of the festive setting, since the organizers always consider the aspects of environment protection and sustainability, therefore they would never cut a living tree, and the Christmas tree in the center of the square it lit by energy-efficient LED lights. This year the decorative lights of the fair will be renewed, but the center of the fair will remain the same: the ice rink of 200 square meters – to the children’s delight. During every step of the rink’s construction energy-efficiency has been always taken into consideration.